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Don't forget to check us out on Battle.Net, and we also have a Facebook group!!
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Greymane (PvE)
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<Antidote> is a social guild dedicated to having fun and making friends! Our primary mission to be free of drama and have fun at the same time. We accept all races and classes, and have awesome dungeons runs and naked dance parties!!

Other Guild News

Under new management & recruiting!

Filidren, Jul 28, 11 4:40 PM.
Due to real life stuffs, Bleddyn may not be able to re-sub for the next month, so he has passed the title of Guild Master down to me (Filidren), to watch over and take care of <Antidote> until he is able to return. Since I'm all finished with this website, the Facebook group, and sprucing up the in-game ranks and guild info, it's time to start recruiting!

If you check the forums you'll see a little topic I write called Recruiting & You!! I'm hoping it'll help jumpstart the recruiting process so that we can start together as a guild! Remember, recruiting new people the guild is also grounds for member promotions.

Once we have a good number of people who are actively leveling & participating in the guild, I'll start posting weekly guild events in both the site and in-game calendars. This will include instance runs, achievement days, and our ever-popular naked dance parties. Look forward to it!

Welcome to the Site!

Filidren, Jul 25, 11 3:17 PM.
Welcome to <Antidote>, doods! Enjoy the site and be sure to check back for any news or events that aren't mentioned in the MotD. :)

Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Filidren, night elf drood of awesomeness and the overseer of this guild and its associating websites (like this one and our Facebook group). If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask me or any of our officers in-game, and we'll be happy to help!
Welcome to <Antidote>'s official guild site! If you're looking for a guild to make friends and enjoy yourself without any drama & overly serious players, this is right up your alley!

<Antidote> is a casual/social/raiding Alliance guild, dedicated to having fun, making friends, and the occasional scheduled event. We even have naked dance parties from time to time! Feel free to message any of the officers with any questions you may have (we're located on the Greymane server). :)


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